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Brief history

Origins of thai massage could be indicated to Thailand, regarding to its name. But do not be fooled. Fundamentals of thai massage originated in India 2500 years ago and are credited to royal physician of former king named Shivago Komarpaj.

The exact rules were drawn up years after by the Buddhist monks. These massages were then performed in Buddhist monasteries, which were at that time a center of education and social events. Over time, a growing influence of Buddhist learning began circulating and the basics of thai massage were probably also influenced by Chinese medicine.

Basis of thai massage critters doctrine of the so-called energy lines. These paths are countless, says up to 72 000, but thai massage simplified the doctrine and took a top 10 of them, which are all important pressure points. Thai massage cause cleansing and harmonizing these energy channels and this reflects positively in strengthening immunity and overall physical and mental balance.

Come to visit us and try out what works for already 2500 years. Relax and recharge new life energy.

Royal Thai Brno team